CUPE 3761

2013 AGM Minutes - 10/30/13


AGM Meeting Agenda - Teleconference

October 30, 2013 - 4:30




Kathe Scrobe - Treasurer

Don MacDonald – President

Nina Johnson

Melanie Kenny – Secretary

Theresa Sabourin

Norma Wallace – Trustee

Erin Thomsen

Touly Katsiris – OHS Rep – Stn

Bev Duncan

Gwen Curtis

Donna Ottenson

Lindsay Pickett – Saskatoon Shop Steward


Margot Wallace


Jan Murdock - Trustee

Guy Marsden – CUPE Rep.

Melanie Popovici


4:40 – Marg Romanow

Quorum Met

Regrets:  Derron Hoover – Vice-President



1.    Call to Order – 4:30

Decision to move #8 on Agenda – Nominations, Elections or Installations to immediate discussion:


  1. President – Don MacDonald nominated by Erin Thomsen/Donna Ottenson - acclaimed
  2. Vice- President – Derron Hoover nominated by Norma Wallace/Jan Murdock - acclaimed
  3. Treasurer – Kathe Scrobe nominated by Theresa Sabourin/Nina Johnson - acclaimed
  4. Secretary – Touly Katsiris nominated by Melanie Kenny/Norma Wallace - acclaimed
  5. Regina Shop Steward: Theresa Sabourin nominated by Gwen Curtis/Melanie Kenny - declined – position remains vacant

Saskatoon Shop Steward: Lindsay Pickett nominated by Melanie Kenny/Jan Murdock - acclaimed

  1. Education Committee Chairperson – tabled to await arrival of Marg Romanow
  2. Grievance Committee Chairperson – Melanie Kenny nominated by Lindsay Pickett/Margot Wallace – acclaimed
  3. OH&S Reps – Regina - Erin Thomsen nominated by Nina Johnson/Kathe Scrobe - acclaimed

OH & S reps for Saskatoon – Touly Katsiris nominated by Margot Wallace/Melanie Kenny - acclaimed

  1. RDLC representatives: Carol Mullaney nominated by Donna Ottenson/Bev Duncan – acclaimed and Donna Ottenson and Colin Byas nominated by Kathe Scrobe/Bev Duncan – both acclaimed

SDLC representative: Don MacDonald nominated by Jan Murdock/Melanie Kenny - acclaimed

  1. Trustee(s) – Three year Trustee – Jan Murdock nominated by Margot Wallace/Melanie Kenny – acclaimed
  2. Education Committee Chairperson – Marg Romanow nominated by Margot Wallace/Melanie Kenny - acclaimed


2.    Reading of Previous Minutes – 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes approved and accepted as read

MOTION #1: Gwen Curtis/Norma Wallace

To accept presented 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes.                   CARRIED



3.    Matters arising from previous Minutes
Bylaws – Derron Hoover, Marg Romanow and Guy Marsden are working on the amendments.  One potential change will be the number of officers to be elected to RDLC.
Pension Plan – 3S has stated it would not comply with the Trust Agreement for SUN to join.   Further review in process to allow SUN to potentially join the plan.

4.    Treasurer Report – Draft budget discussed.  Concern raised re: proposed deficit of $18,473.37.  Treasurer will do further work to try to eliminate deficit before presenting the budget to the Local again for approval
Education Fund is included in general bank account – total to be investigated and if needed adjusted by Treasurer.
MOTION #2: Donna Ottenson/Erin Thomsen

To accept Trustee report.                                                CARRIED


5.    Communications and Bills – no outstanding bills.  Questions raised concerning the possibility/necessity of direct remittance to CUPE for dues.  Treasurer to investigate.  Decision should be sent to Trustees.

6.    Executive Committee Report
President’s Report (see attached) -

MOTION #3: Melanie Kenny/Lindsay Pickett

To accept presented President’s report.                                 CARRIED


7.    Committee Reports
a) Education Committee Report – none presented
b) Bylaw Committee Report – Committee has been working on proposed changes – will attempt to table them at next General Meeting

c) Negotiating Committee Report – Proposals have been reviewed and circulated.  Members have been surveyed regarding their priorities.  The bargaining conference is this Saturday, November 2nd.

9.    Unfinished Business

RDLC Report – no questions

MOTION #4: Kathe Scrobe/Donna Ottenson

To accept RDLC Report                                                   CARRIED
SDLC Report – No questions
MOTION #5: Lindsay Pickett/Gwen Curtis

To accept SDLC Report                                                   CARRIED

Trustees Report – Discussion re: reports are too late – about 10 months behind – currently discussing 2012.  Recommend change be made and report to come to general meeting in the spring.  Some 2011 recommendations are still outstanding and should be reviewed for current situation to see if still needed.  The Executive will review report and report back to Trustees as soon as possible and then report to general membership at next Local meeting

MOTION #6: Gwen Curtis/Melanie Kenny

To accept Trustees Report                                                         CARRIED


10. New Business – Further discussion re: proposed budget which is similar to previous year’s budget and will now be reconsidered by Treasurer.  Change CUPE Convention line amount to CLC line instead.  Treasurer will check in to Education Fund entry.  Budget approved and tabled for reworking and presentation at Saturday, bargaining conference meeting.  Special meeting announcement to be sent by Don MacDonald today.


Questions raised re; Policies presented by employer on Vacation, LOAs, Family Leave and Health Maintenance.  Executive had given Employer revisions which were accepted.  Grievance will be filed if policies incorrectly applied.


Grievance Report – One outstanding grievance – LOA Denied - to be dealt with shortly by Executive Board.


11.  Good of the Union – thanks given to outgoing executive for their work and those remaining to continue.


 Adjournment 5:35