CUPE 3761

CUPE 3761 Executive Minutes - 01/09/13

CUPE Executive Meeting –

January 9, 2013



Conference Call



Present : Derron, Kathe, Don

Regrets: Lindsay, Melanie


1.     Review of Previous minutes December 6, 2012 and the Meeting of January 3, 2012.  Motion to table to the next meeting DH/K

2.     passed.


1.     Review outcome of General Meeting of December 21, 2012, Motion as follows:

The CUPE 3761 Executive is recommending that the membership adopt the following resolution”

“That CUPE 3761 send up to two members to the CUPE National Bargaining Conference in February, and that the Executive is empowered to change to another conference or educational opportunity if such an opportunity is found by December 31st. ”

The costs associated with this resolution are estimated to be approximately $4,000 per person. The Treasurer of the Local assures that there is sufficient funds in the Education Fund to cover these expenses.

To vote on the resolution, please reply to me by e-mail and indicate “in favour” or “opposed” as soon as possible. We will be tallying the votes December 21st.

            Vote of Membership had quorum and was in favour of the Motion:


1.     Review of applicants to go to the CUPE National Bargaining Conference

2.     4 applicants were received. 2 were officers.

3.     Motion to send one officer and one none – officer.

4.     Motion to send Joan with Colin as alternate – K/DH

5.     Passed

6.     Motion to send Nina with Carol as alternate – DH/K

7.     Passed

8.     Motion to use the other alternate if an alternate is unable to attend as well – DH/K

9.     Passed

10.   Motion to appoint Marg Romanow as Education Chair for balance of the term – DH/K

11.   Passed

12.   Motion to adjourn

13.   Passed