CUPE 3761

CUPE 3761 Executive Minutes - 01/17/13

CUPE 3761

 Executive Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2013 16:00





Kathe Scrobe - Treasurer

Derron Hoover - VP


Lindsay Pickett – Saskatoon Steward


Melanie Kenny – Recorder




Regrets – Don MacDonald-President



  1. Call to Order – 16:15


  1. Agenda – Review of past Minutes
    JUMM Preparation – Family Leave - Vacancies
    General Meeting Date to be set
  2. Minutes of Executive Meeting December 6, 2012 reviewed.  

MOTION: approved                        KS/LP                                    CARRIED
Minutes of Executive Meeting January 9, 2013 reviewed.  

MOTION: approved                        KS/LP                                    CARRIED
Minutes of JUMM Meeting October 10, 2012 reviewed.  
Old Business and discussion points for JUMM on January 21, 2013 and which executive member will address at meeting:
 - Harassment Education – Lunch & Learn – DH
- Family Leave and Pressing Necessity Policy – LP
- Amended job descriptions – No input from CUPE at this time
New Business: Vacancies – Lawyer, update on recruitment from employer
- LOA Policy – LP, if necessary
- Lack of OA casuals in Regina – DMcD/KS
Union to find out if EAs had workload meeting as discussed in Minutes and what was outcome – Gayle Freeman vacancy

  1. General Meeting – tentative date set for March 7, 2013  Don to confirm.

MOTION: approved                        LP/KS                                    CARRIED


  1. Bargaining – Send announcement to general membership that the committee will be elected at the March 7th (or whatever date is decided) meeting. Members to send in nominations prior to meeting.   Also, nominations will be accepted from the floor.  Will also be electing Regina Shop Steward and Education Committee members to serve with Marg Romanow who is chair.
  2. Derron requested Treasurer report to be sent to Don in advance of Executive meetings and general meetings.

    Meeting adjourned: 16:35