CUPE 3761

CUPE 3761 Executive Minutes - 05/29/13

CUPE 3761

Executive Meeting Minutes

May 29, 2013 16:00


Approved:   July 24, 2013




Regrets - Kathe Scrobe - Treasurer

Don MacDonald-President


Derron Hoover - VP


Melanie Kenny – Recorder


Lindsay Pickett – Saskatoon Steward


1.       Call to Order – 16:00


2.       Agenda – Approved  


3.       Review of Executive Minutes of May 16, 2013 –

MOTION: Executive Minutes of May 16, 2013 approved DH/LP                  CARRIED


4.       SFL Summer Camp - One application only

MOTION: Approval application from Carol Mullaney   MK/DH                   CARRIED

5.       Respect & Dignity Educational – Employer to give Union dates for Fall

6.       Financial Report - Treasurer’s Report (attached) provided by Kathe
MOTION: Accept Treasurer’s Report as presented    LP/DH                          CARRIED


7.       In Charge Grievance – No arbitrator chosen yet.  Time limitation in place.  Union may have to apply to the Minister if no agreement can be reached.  Two names already submitted by Union and rejected by the Employer.

8.       Previous discipline for some member(s) – One grievance filed

9.       LOA Policy/grievance – Conflicts of interest not listed or defined – LP to send concerns to Employer

10.   Pension – Employer requested Union to discuss with members on how to proceed with committee.  Committee has met.  No firm decision yet.



11.   New Job Descriptions – Reviewed descriptions for Lawyer and Research/Policy Analyst Officer – no concerns raised. Don to inform Employer

12.   Family Leave & Pressing Necessity plus LOA Without Pay Drafts – LP to provide Local’s concerns to Employer

13.   Trustee Report 2012 – to be completed by Kathe and Melanie.  Kathe to complete all financial requests. Melanie to complete the rest.   Executive suggests Kathe access Union Leave to complete report prior to June 18th general meeting.
MOTION: Treasurer access Union Leave of 8 hours to complete Trustee’s requirements DH/LP                                                                                                                                                                 CARRIED

14.   LOU Request from Employer – Employer has requested Union sign LOU re: reinserting 30 day timeline for filing grievances to Collective Agreement.  Employer contends omission of language from current CA an oversight.  Draft provided to Local.  Executive discussed presenting this to memberships and recommending signature.
MOTION: CUPE 3761 Executive to sign tentative LOU to reinsert 30 day timeline for filing grievances back into current collective agreement subject to ratification by members.  DH/MK                                                                                                                                          CARRIED (not unanimous)
MOTION: CUPE 3761 Executive recommend ratification of draft LOU by members.     DH/MK                                                                                                                                                     CARRIED (not unanimous)


15.   General Meeting – June 18, 2013

16.   Next Executive Meeting – July 23 - 1600