CUPE 3761

CUPE 3761 Executive Minutes - 10/10/12

CUPE 3761

Executive Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2012 12:00



REGINA - Delta


Don MacDonald

Melanie Kenny – Recorder

Derron Hoover

Marg Romanow

Lindsay Pickett




  1. Call to Order – 12:00


  1. No previous Minutes


  1. Discussion re: Joint Union Meeting Agenda for meeting at 4:30


  • Respectful Workplace Education, Family Leave/Pressing Necessity Policy to be discussed
  • Add scope, work of the bargaining unit, defined benefit plan and vacation policy

Re: Vacation Policy – three issues – ability to take a long, uninterrupted break, number of staff on vacation at one time, EDOs.  Seems restrictive but appears to comply with Labour Standards.  Union’s opinion should be subject to operational needs.  State Union has concerns and reserves the right to grieve if Union considers Employer interpretation unreasonable.


  • New Business – Job Descriptions, Tim William’s role – does he supervise Executive Assistants?
  • Add 5.3 In Charge
  • Discuss Gayle Freeman’s position not filled
  • Discuss Carl Veistrup’s in charge position – is this a newly created position – should be posted – what is the Employer’s vision?
  • Defined Benefit Plan – report to Employer the Motion at the AGM re: the members needing more information before voting