CUPE 3761

CUPE 3761 Executive Minutes - 12/6/12

CUPE 3761

Executive Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2012 4:30 p.m.



Teleconference - Saskatoon


Don MacDonald

Kathe Scrobe

Derron Hoover


Melanie Kenny - Recorder




1.     Call to Order – 4:30 p.m.


1.     Minutes of October 10/12 approved (post on CUPE website)


1.      Old Business


  • In Charge Assignment to BU member

Donna Trainor’s letter circulated to Executive.  Discussion re: now been three months so should be posted.  Different duties from any previous in charge assignment.  Steward to pursue grievance.


  • Vacation policy – Steward has provided draft response.  Approved.

Steward to send



1.      New Business –

2.     CUPE National Bargaining Conference received.  Expression of interest to be sent to members need reply by January 4th.   If members wish to attend the expectation will be that they allow their name to stand for the bargaining committee to be elected next year.   Two members budgeted for.  President to check for other conferences prior to January 4ththat might be a better opportunity.  Local to vote to approve Executive recommendation.


  • No applications received from Local to attend Winter School.

Next meeting date January 3/12 – Noon.


Adjourned 5:10