CUPE 3761


The CUPE 3761 Education Committee is made up of an Education Chairperson and two committee members. The TWO committee members are to be appointed by the CUPE 3761 Executive.

It is the duty of this Committee to:

  1. Instruct delegates in the preparation of reports to the membership on seminars and conferences and maintain a reference file of these reports; 
  2. Co-operate with the Executive Board in preparing press releases and other publicity material; 
  3. Co-operate with the Education and Public Relations Departments of CUPE, and with the regional Education Representative, in implementing both the Local's and CUPE's policies in these fields; 
  4. Submit recommendations to the Executive Board regarding the utilization of the Employer paid Education Fund.


CUPE 3761 Education Committee is committeed to assisting members in education opportunities available to them.  For more information, see Funding Guidelines or contact any member of your Education Committee.




Jean Sinclair  Chairperson