CUPE 3761

AGM Meeting Minutes - 10/04/12


AGM Meeting Agenda - Teleconference

October 4, 2012 4:30




Kathe Scrobe - Treasurer

Don MacDonald – President

Maylyn Bast

Melanie Kenny – Secretary

Lars Murran

Norma Wallace – Trustee

Beverly Balaski

Touly Katsiris – OHS Rep – Stn

Sandy Verhelst

Derron Hoover – Vice-President

Carl Veistrup

4:45 – Randy Hoffman

Jean Sinclair


Regrets:  Cheryl Krett, Marg Romanow

Lindsay Pickett

Guy Marsden – CUPE Rep.


Quorum Met




1.    Call to Order – 4:32


2.    Approval of Previous Minutes – previous General Meeting Minutes mislaid.  Location in process.  Previous Annual Meetings already posted.


3.    Treasurer Report –

a.    Communications and Bills - 2012 report not completed. 2011 Report completely reconciled (see attached).  Current deficit $2,889.94.  Education Fund $18,000 at the beginning of January.  Current bank a/c $32,611.00

b.    Trustee Reports – 2011 report circulated today (see attached).   Loss of documentation has resulted in assumptions being made regarding authorizations for expenditures.   Report to be sent to CUPE National if accepted by Local.

MOTION #1: Norma Wallace/Derron Hoover

To accept presented Trustee report.                                        CARRIED


c.     Draft Budget presented – discussion ensued

FINANCIAL MOTION #1: Derron Hoover/Jean Sinclair

To accept Draft Budget as presented.                                     CARRIED




4.    Local Executive Report
President’s Report (see attached) - Discussion

Member Concern: Executive Assistant position of absent member not posted and duties being outsourced to other Executive Assistants. 

Response: The executive has raised this with the employer and expects a response at the Joint Union/Management meeting next week.

Member Concern: Bargaining unit work flowing from arbitration files is being contracted out.  Some of the work being done by an outside lawyer could be done by bargaining unit member.

Response: The possibility of reinstating a Grievance Arbitration Officer has been raised with the Employer if no lawyer is hired.  BU work question will be raised with employer.

Member Concern: If no lawyer is hired there is a concern re: the work of the current Executive Assistant whose work depends solely on the lawyer.

Member Concern: What has happened to NAC position for Regina office?

Response: The position has been cancelled and remade into Nursing Practice/Research Officer which is still vacant.  Union is considering grievances re: posting.

Member Concern: Some bargaining unit work is being done by the out of scope assistant to Executive Director.

Response: to be raised at Joint Union/Management meeting with employer.

MOTION #2: Don MacDonald/Kathe Scrobe

To accept presented President’s report.                                 CARRIED


5.    Committee Reports
Regina Shop Steward’s Report (attached)
No questions

MOTION #3: Touly Katsiris/Derron Hoover

To accept presented Regina Shop Steward’s report.                  CARRIED

Regina District Labour Council Report (attached)
No questions

MOTION #4: Lars Murran/Norma Wallace

RDLC Report accepted                                                                CARRIED


FINANCIAL MOTION #2 (presented by Carol Mullaney in absentia):

"That CUPE 3761 donate $100 to the Regina and District Labour Council for the 12th Annual " Unions of Regina Community Christmas Dinner" that raises money for Regina's less fortunate"

Kathe Scrobe/Beverly Balaski                                                    CARRIED








6.    Nominations/Elections

  1. President – Don MacDonald nominated by Derron Hoover - acclamation
  2. Vice- President – Derron Hoover nominated by Melanie Kenny - acclamation
  3. Treasurer – Kathe Scrobe by Derron Hoover - acclamation
  4. Secretary – Melanie Kenny by Norma Wallace - acclamation
  5. Regina Shop Steward: Marg Romanow (absent) by Maylyn Bast - vacant

Saskatoon Shop Steward: Lindsay Pickett (consent received in absentia) by Derron Hoover - acclamation

  1. Education Committee Chairperson – vacant
  2. Grievance Committee Chairperson – vacant
  3. OH & S reps for Saskatoon – Touly Katsiris by Derron Hoover – acclamation

Regina OH&S Rep – Erin Thomsen (consent received in absentia) by Jean Sinclair - acclamation

  1. RDLC representatives: Carol Mullaney & Donna Ottenson by Kathe Scrobe (consent received in absentia) – acclamation

SDLC representative: Don MacDonald by Derron Hoover - acclamation

  1. Trustee(s) – Three year Trustee – Norma Wallace by Derron Hoover - acclamation


Vacancies to be addressed by Executive


7.    Unfinished Business

a.    Pension Discussion and Direction

Report circulated prior to meeting – attached.  Discussion ensued.

Local would like to meet with SHEPP to have questions answered prior to making any decisions about joining a defined benefit plan.  Local explained that informal meetings had been held between Marg Romanow and SHEPP and the Employer.  Now the Employer wants a commitment before they go any further with this.  The Local can vote in favour of a defined benefit plan for all new hires but current members would be able to opt out.  A pension expert could possibly be arranged to provide information.  Possibility of SHEPP to make a joint presentation with expert to Management and Employees.  A question was raised re: having an independent party to look at issue and advise the best way to go.  We need specifics for individuals.  Guy Marsden reported that CUPE encourages members to belong to defined benefit plans.   Local to ask for a presentation from SHEPP.

MOTION #5: Melanie Kenny – to ask for a report from SHEPP for members to consider

Friendly amendment accepted by Melanie Kenny from Randy Hoffman – to be presented jointly to Employer/Employees  CARRIED



8.    New Business

a.    Solidarity Conference

Description of conference given by Touly Katsiris

FINANCIAL MOTION #3: Touly Katsiris/Melanie Kenny – to sponsor a member to attend the conference

Discussion – conference will be providing information regarding the threat to Labour Legislation.  The cost of registration is $125.00 for early registration.   Proceed from Education Fund.

Amendment – Kathy Scrobe – to send two members to the Solidarity Conference as an educational opportunity.                             CARRIED

Local to send an email for expressions of interest.

b.    Process to review Bylaws and governance

A review of the Bylaws should be carried out.  Committee to be elected.  Local to send an email for expressions of interest.

MOTION #6: Derron Hoover/Kathe Scrobe

Ad Hoc Committee to be set up to review Bylaws to consist of three people.  The Executive will select from expressions of interest.  The committee is to be empowered to present to the next general meeting.                                                                                           CARRIED

 Guy Marsden offered to be an ex officio member of the committee.

c.    SFL – There is sufficient money to send someone from the Local to the SFL conference.  The Bylaws indicate the President can attend.  Previously have sent a member from the city in which the conference is held to keep costs down.  This year’s conference is to be held in Regina.

FINANCIAL MOTION #4: Don MacDonald/Melanie Kenny – to sponsor Marg Romanow to attend the SFL conference                      CARRIED


FINANCIAL MOTION #5: Marg Romanow (submitted in absentia)/Maylyn Bast – to pay $600 a day plus reasonable expenses for up to two days so that both Regina and Saskatoon offices can have harassment training from an Harassment Educator.  CARRIED

Discussion – Add to the JUMM for the Employer to consider giving time to employees to attend.                                                                       


9.    Adjournment 6:05