CUPE 3761

President's Report - 02/05/12

February 5, 2012 President's Report


Presidents Report

February 1, 2012



The executive for CUPE Local 3761 has been working diligently at trying to better our communication with members as we work with resolving our concerns with the Employer. The trustee report presented at the last General Meeting reinforced our need to centralize and make our records more transparent.  In light of that, we are formulizing reports to be incorporated into our minutes.


The cornerstone for better communication is the utilization of our website to post minutes of our meetings.  While anyone can access our website, only those who have signed in are able to access our Minutes.  As the Local executive is improving the template of our agenda to include more frequent treasurer reports and operationalizing the posting of the minutes in a timely manner, we are hoping that the Website is being used more and more. As a bonus, members can create a CUPE email account.


The last year has seen our membership grow as SUN expands its services and resources for their membership.  At the same time, we are witnessing and sharing a growing concern regarding the creation of the new Employment Act and its negative impacts on unionized members, unions, and workers in general.  The louder we all speak as educated professionals within our communities, the more likely positive changes will be implemented.


On the website are copies of our bylaws, Collective Agreements, and forms, including nominations. As you are aware, our current collective agreement will expire this year and we will need to negotiate a new one.  Our bylaws indicate that we must elect this committee at least 6 months before the contract expires.  This committee will be tasked to gather our wishes, propose a bargaining package, negotiate on our behalf, and make recommendations to us until we have successfully ratified a new “Memorandum Of Agreement” that results in a new Collective Agreement.


The Local is calling a General Membership meeting for 4:30 on March 5, 2013. The meeting will take via teleconference between the 2 offices. Included on the agenda will be the nomination for and the electing of the new negotiating committee.  Nominations will be accepted at the meeting, but can also be sent in prior to utilizing the nomination forms on the website as per our bylaws.  We are hoping to be able to have a bargaining conference at the beginning of June.  It appears that the Employer may be bringing all of us together in Regina for harassment training. We will try to piggyback that event and have the conference when we can all be together, likely the evening before the training.


We will be circulating the agenda, reports, and other pertinent information in the weeks before this meeting.  If there are items you want included, please so pass your requests to an executive member.  We still have vacancies within our structure.